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Year 7 Day 355 8:47
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Don't know if this is an already known thing or what but with the new (and lovely thanks) ability to select from the standard NPC race pictures I tried to set up some of my NPCs. I selected an image from the choices, update avatar etc and I get the dreaded red X.

Oddly enough it worked on some of them but not others. Broken link somewhere? Outdated image?

Help me build my harem dern it. :)

Year 7 Day 355 15:12
Alright, strange. First I was about to report having the exact same problem - where I'd select an image, it'd say Successful, and I'd go back to the NPC page, but the avatar just displayed as a broken image. But a few more tries (at the same image, no less) and it eventually worked. O_o

However, I do still have a problem where, if I just click Edit NPC without actually selecting an avatar, and go back to the NPC inventory page, the avatar will show up as a broken image, even though I never actually made any changes.

Also, male humans have an avatar that shows up twice, so one instance of it can probably be removed.

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Year 7 Day 355 15:27
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Hmmm okay, I'll play around with that later. But I also notice that for my customs there doesn't seem to be a way to add a non-standard avatar. Is that part of the 'non-custom customs' update or a mistake?

Year 7 Day 356 9:56
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Well I've been playing around with them and still no result. Red X's everywhere. A little right clicking and I found something that hopefully will help.

When I look at the properties of the Red X's most came up with:

or similar. I'm not 100%, but I'm guessing that the 17 is the race identifier. When I look at the properties of the images themselves I get:

So maybe somehow is the update not registering the last bit indicating the specific avatar?

Year 7 Day 358 15:04
I will check that.

Can you report it in the bug tracker, please.

17 = human race
npc_f4.jpg = 4th picture of female human (we call them "woman", don't we ?)


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