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Year 7 Day 356 11:41

What is the difference between a White scenario, a black scenario and a red scenario??


Year 7 Day 356 11:45
Athanas Nadeset
Athanas Nadeset
There are no red and black methinks...


Year 7 Day 356 11:55
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Actually red scenarios were the database affecting versions of white scenarios. No longer in existance.

Black scenarios are a new project, also known as skill based scenarios. The results of your actions are determined by your skills as opposed to random GM disposition. More information can be found in the RPG Centre under the heading 'Skill Based Scenarios'

Year 7 Day 356 14:31
Actually, Red Scenarios also used skills, due to having database effects.

You could almost say these new "Black" Scenarios are half way between White and Red scenarios.

Maybe theyd be better renamed Pink Scenarios? ;P


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Year 7 Day 356 14:37
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Sorry Hal, quite correct. I thought that was implied but then I suppose from a perspective of never having heard of them all the details should be spelled out.

/me chastises self for not being thorough.

Year 7 Day 356 17:03
For more information on White Scenarios, follow the [White Scenarios] link in the board listing at the top of the page. They are non-skill based scenarios, intended for players who enjoy roleplaying and developing their characters. There are few restrictions, so you can be in multiple White Scenarios at the same time you are in a Black Scenario, for example.

Year 7 Day 357 10:58
Thanks guys everythiung is now cleared up.