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Archives » Cant get my account to work still.

Well i didnt use all of the things. I have some questions about theese:

"Clear your temporary files and cookies. In IE this is under
Tools->Internet Options."
I cant find "Tools" anywhere.

"Ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies"
How do i do this?

"If all else fails, you will almost definitely be able to log in with an alternate browser, such as Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox)."
2 things wrong with this. 1: My computor is so slow that when i tried it took me over an hour and it wasnt even halfway done! 2: Im only 14 and my parents dont want me downloading that.

"Tools" is right under your browser's title bar, along from where it says "file".

Accepting cookies is in the same place, on the tab labelled "Advanced", if I remember correctly.

Firefox will not harm your system, and will not prevent your parents from continuing to use IE if they want to. It does solve most problems encountered with SWC, as most people programming for SWC use it primarily. Limited testing is done in IE, and with the different options available, not all setups of IE work. The downloading time we can't help you with.


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