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Year 7 Day 362 15:41
I'm in the Building Management room of a Starport, and I've selected the Materials screen. I've selected some Piles of Duracrete, all owned by TransGalMeg:

New Pile 27822 (duracrete) TransGalMeg 22,710 T 1,514 m3
New Pile 65121 (duracrete) TransGalMeg 44,580 T 2,972 m3
New Pile 64374 (duracrete) TransGalMeg 69,990 T 4,666 m3
New Pile 61945 (duracrete) TransGalMeg 8,760 T 584 m3

I hit Merge. And nothing happens. More fully: The screen refreshes, and there's been no change in the Piles, which are still there individually. No error message, just no change.

*EDIT* Is this about having RM privs? If so, then never mind: My privs are screwed up right now, not what they're supposed to be.

*2nd EDIT* I had RM privs level 2 at the time.

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Year 7 Day 362 15:58
Hexx Harpy
Hexx Harpy
You can merge them even if you are not the owner, as long as the owners are the same for the piles to be merged.
You dont need privs, either.
Just dont forget to tick the boxes next to the piles that you want merged.


- mobilis in mobili -
Year 7 Day 362 16:59
I ticked the boxes, they were all blue. I tried it with four Piles and with two Piles. No merge.

Year 7 Day 362 18:59
Also need to be manager or operator of the facility.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 363 10:05
Yes, so I discovered, when I went back with proper privs. I suggest that makes little sense: Anyone who can unload a pile ought to be able to merge two piles of identical material and ownership.

Year 7 Day 364 1:22
You can't unload without manager or operator either.


Year 7 Day 364 11:22
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Actually,you can if the facil is open to faction and you have facil privs 1(iirc)..whatever priv allows control room access..pretty sure it was 1,but you won't be able to merge or split unless you are operator

Edited By: Xavze Zavan on Year 7 Day 364 11:24

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