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Year 8 Day 2 8:28
I was #2 in a faction before the leader went awol and has not been heard from since. I manage many facilities for him, but there is no way for me to transfer ownership at the moment. I think I found his character in darkness just parked. I heard that there would be rules developed to handle simillar situations.

What can be done?


Tybolt Oberon


Loyalty above all. Those who betray friends must perish.
Year 8 Day 2 10:08
there are no rules, I recommend trying to contact the leader over email some more.


Year 8 Day 2 10:18
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
You could always have him killed. ^_^

Though I doubt he would appreciate that option..

Year 8 Day 2 10:58
If you were still in said faction, there are cases of the Admins transfering ownership/leadership to other individuals when the former is inactive.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 2 11:41
Kirit, if he comes back I doubt he'd appreciate the guy stealing his facilities just because he was Inactive. Killing him might be the merciful way to go.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 8 Day 2 14:43
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Yeah, my mistake, Hal.
It's much better to not only lose your assets, but your character as well.

Year 8 Day 3 3:26
Iirc, a faction needs an active leader and semi-active owner (the first one is noted on the rules pages, now sure if the second one is still in effect), so in case the leader doesn't log in for 14 days, leadership of the faction should by default go to the 2IC ...

Similar conditions should apply to ownership of the faction, otherwise it might be unable to function completely.


Year 8 Day 7 22:05
Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
If the leader is inactive contact the owner if the owner is also inactive contact