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I have never been an majority owner of a group without being leader as well. What kind of abilities does an owner have in terms of the group he/she owns compared to a leader?

The rules page talks about being able to change the group's leader, but I saw nothing else.

Does the owner, for example, have the ability to make over equipment (ships, vehicles, etc.) or transfer money from the group to another? I understand if he can't do all the day-to-day operations stuff that a leader can.

I've always had the idea of founding another group in the back of my mind, and today as I was thinking about it, this question of abilities/privileges came up.

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Year 8 Day 2 9:49
The Owner doesn't have any power in the group unless he's also a member with privileges. You can do things like view the inventory through the Protect/Unprotect screen, see the value, and check the active membercount. But you can't make anything over, or see the actual memberlist, etc, unless you are the leader/other person with privileges assigned.

That's one of the reasons we see all those leadership-change floods on the GNS flashnews - owners will transfer around factions to shuffle assets, etc.

You really need to find a competant person you can trust to run the second faction for you, and communicate well with them to make sure things go according to plan.


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Thanks Hal. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever decide to form a second group. It will be a while before that happens, though, the way I make money.

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Jesfa Ackmin
Jesfa Ackmin
Owners can do next to nothing unless they lead the faction.

To check the inventory, you can unprotect/protect assets, but it doesn't show everything: mats and credits aren't in the list.

The only other options you have is to release stocks, which can only be done if you own 100% of the stocks, or to change owner, which in essense is the same as sell stocks.