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Year 8 Day 3 22:21

Really, really sorry Syn, but for some reason it won't let me reply to my previuse message about the whole adelphia thing.

Any way the error message says "The email address you provided does not conform to email address standards. Make sure you have spelt it correctly.
Please go [back] to fix it up."

The e-mail adress I used was: torynene@adelphia.net It's my sister's, I'm borrowing for this one e-mail.

Again sorry if the whole no response thing is something that would have gone away with patience, I've used all mine up earlier today.

Year 8 Day 3 22:42
Hrm, do you not see a Reply button? Some of the forum buttons were disabled for guests for a while, so if that is the case, let me know and I will poke Togan to restore it.

Before I posted a response in the other thread, I tried removing adelphia.net from the free e-mail list in case someone had added it by mistake, as that could very well result in that message you received. I don't see any matches for your e-mail address, but I did just approve a different adelphia user since then, so you shouldn't have any trouble registering now.

If you do, just register with a different e-mail address (any fake e-mail address will do) and let me know what handle you used to sign up, and I can change it to the adelphia e-mail for you.