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Archives » Banner Exchange and CP bonus - This is being addressed now, please close.
I joined the Banner exchange about 2 weeks ago or so. Didn't realize I needed to send a separate email to the admin to notify them about my joining. I sent the email a week later to the email address indicated on the Banner Exchange page and after yet another week, I haven't gotten a reply or the CPs.

So the question is, are CPs still being awarded for those who join the Banner Exchange, and if so, how long does the process normally take to get the CPs awarded to the accounts?

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Im a nice wookiee. I don't rip people's arms out of thier sockets, I bathe regularly and I use breathmints. So why is it I can't get an answer to this problem? I want to support the Combine in anyway I can but I also would like a return on my investment per the posted information and rules.

I should add that Khan as responded to me in a DM with a name to contact but that person hasn't logged in for over 10 days and I am concerned the longer this goes, the more likely I won't see the CPs. Anyone know who else can help with this? I hate to be a pain but I would like to get this resolved if possible.

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Year 8 Day 7 12:01
Rogren Delcor
Rogren Delcor
Actually, I'm not sure if Ramna actually found someone to watch over the Banner Exchange. She hasn't posted anything regarding that since her Simnews of Day 331. I tried to contact her saying I'd be willing to do it, but I believe she has been away for a while.

My offer to help out with the Banner Exchange still stands if no one else is doing it yet.

(For reference, the sim news post)

CP rewards finally handed out. (Posted by Ranma on Year 7 Day 331)

Sorry for the delay (work is keeping me pretty busy lately) I have finally rewarded everyone that I know of, who has either joined the Banner Exchange or Topsites List.

If you feel you have not received your cps for some reason, please contact me (give me time to get back to you, not sure when I will be available to look into it)

Also Jaxom Sky is no longer available to watch over the banner exchange, so we will need someone to do this instead of him. If you think you have the time please contact me.  

Year 8 Day 7 12:24
Thanx for replying Rogren. I didn't know the history behind the change of responsibilities concerning the Banner Exchange so that was informative as well as giving me some assurance that the powers that be will catch up eventually on the CPs. The name Khan gave me was Rhyasan Kronos and he hasn't logged in in quite a while either so maybe I will send Ranma a DM and see what he/she can tell me.

Year 8 Day 7 15:36
Rhyasan told me on Year 7 Day 363 that he would be out for a little more than a week. So he should be back sometime tomorrow or the day after. If he hasn't replied by the start of next week, chances are your message has gotten lost.


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Year 8 Day 7 16:04
Thanx Hal, that is good to hear. I will patiently await his return and hopefully things will work themselves out.

Sorry to be a pain. =)