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Archives » Orbital Facilities?? Something wrong with the rules pages?
I was reading this a week ago and I didn't understand it:

I asked the staff all week and no one knows about those Orbital Facalities.
As far as we all know stations have rooms as big ships do.
So is this something that was ment to be or something that is yet to be implemented?
Or is it just something that should be removed from there?


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So is this something that was ment to be or something that is yet to be implemented? 

I'd say both. A few years ago, we had a module-based system of creating space stations. You started off with a basic Outpost (included a docking bay and control room, a few solar panels to generate power etc.). You later could add more modules (habitat modules => more passenger capacity, storage modules => more weight/volume capacity, solar panels => more energy available, docking ports, hangar bays etc.) to your station to expand it.

The components listed on the rules page are basically offensive/devensive parts as well as special rooms/features stations can have. I'd imagine with R&D/modifying entities you might be able to add these components to currently existing stations to expand them, just like you'll be able to increase your ship's hyperspeed.