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Archives » Here I go, sounding like a noob...
Alright, its never come up for me before...I've never had the need to build anything.

How do you buy builder NPCs? I don't see anything about them on the NPC rules page.

Edited By: Roy Starkiller on Year 6 Day 167 10:58
Go to NPC inventory, click Purchase NPCs link at the top. Same way you purchase all NPCs, just select Builder from the list.

They don't necessarily spawn right at your location, so it doesn't matter where you are. You can place them in any of your ships, or anything like that.



Well, no wonder I was having difficulty.
Builder NPC isn't on the list.

I've only got Tutorial, Conversational and Custom on the list.

It's under Conversation NPCs.


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Ok. I was looking over the list too fast, went right over it. Thanks.

Someone shoudl update the NPC rules page. I didn't see a word about Builders or any of those types described.

Also, and maybe its just me, but I don't look at a Builder NPC and think "Conversation", know what I mean?

Yeah, it isn't very clear. I originally had to paw around until I spotted it. (:



yeh, making NPC purchasing GUI/process easier/make more sense is on my list, it's pretty shit right now.


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Personally, I think the system is fine...just so long as there is somewhere that explains it.

This thread was my place, but the rules pages would have been the right place.