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Archives » Dont know much about browsers - Is Firefox Browser safe?
We tried to remove cookies and temp files but when he tries to log in, the log in pages continues to refresh. Must we install this firefox? Will we still have our IE browser if we do? How do I know that if I download this fire fox browser that it will be safe for my child. Is it exclusive to SWC. IE and Yahoo that we use now has parental controls set up on it via Yahoo, and we have McAfee Security suite set up to protect our computer.

Firefox is very safe, not an exclusive to SWC. I have both browsers. Yahoo can be used with firefox but you can download an extension called "BlockSite" that you add sites you do not want to visit. Firefox is free and more customizable than IE.



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Yeah man, you can't go wrong with firefox. No web-junkie would be caught dead without it.


I'll go ahead and toss in my own Firefox testimonial here:

Around the same time I started playing the Combine my sister's computer crashed (her son had downloaded some stuff ill-advisedly) and the guy who fixed it for her installed Firefox on it. He explained that (and I don't fully understand this so it's a paraphrase) fewer virus are written for Firefox than for IE and so it's somewhat safer for your computer (whatever that means).

So my sister had Firefox and I kept seeing stuff about it here so I switched over to try it out. When I did Firefox was able to move all of my bookmarks over from IE with no hassle. I've found it to be much more convenient than IE and much easier to use. I predict that if you switch and dink around with it for a little bit, soon your whole family won't want to use anything else.


Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
All you gotta do is look how many windows updates are for security exploits involving IE.

Get FF immediately


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Firefox is far safer and easier to use than Internet Explorer. It looks nicer and can be customized, and has the best tabbed browsing features of any other browser at the time of writing.
Heck, it even comes with an optional spell check feature that checks spelling in boxes you can type into - It won't affect normal sites! - A download smaller than IE, Opera or Netscape.
Once it is downloaded, just double-click the installer you downloaded and it does the rest for you. If you use IE, FF asks if you want to import your bookmarks - It's totally safe, won't affect IE at all.

Seriously, Firefox is so much better as a browser. Sometimes pages are made specifically for Internet Explorer- Firefox will ask you if you want to install plugins that will allow you to share in that experience.

To anyone reading this that hasn't made the switch yet- Do it!

If all else fails, you can (if you're stupid enough to ^_^) completely remove Firefox and leave Internet Explorer completely untouched.

And I'll note here that Star Wars Combine has completely put me off due to it's no free email policy, as it alienates legitimate hotmail users like myself. I thus assume that the game is in no way worth my time because it can't afford a better system. I'm not going to waste the effort acquiring a non-free email account for the temporary job of signing up to a seemingly snob-based community too good for hotmail. Your loss, since you won't have my support. I only posted here because I saw Firefox mentioned - I love and support Firefox (because it supports me, unlike some "services".....). And with that, I'm off to play Runescape.

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