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Year 8 Day 21 2:36
What's a CMG and how do I find out mine.


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Year 8 Day 21 3:45
CMG (Combine Member Group) was the old name used for non-government factions (called NFG - Non-Faction Group before that).
When switching to the Darkness web-client, the name Faction was used for all official groups.


Year 8 Day 21 9:34
Government factions were called CMGs as well, Togan.

All factions were CMGs. The system before had the RA, GE, Black Sun and... I think the BHA called Factions while all others were called Non-Faction Groups (NFG)


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Year 8 Day 21 10:38
Bareck, where did you see the term? If it's somewhere on the site it needs replacing, since it's archaic terminology that should no longer be in use.

Of course, if you heard it from another member, some people are just slow to get their heads around change. *shakes his head* You'd think people who are on their computers this much would handle it better.


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Year 8 Day 22 8:59
Lexxa Sunnar
Lexxa Sunnar
Hey Hal,
The term CMG is in the IRC channel menu.
"When creating a CMG room..ect.."
But possably it was a Player used term.


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Year 8 Day 23 2:40
Actually Hal I found it on the Hapes site, while registering a ship and was wondering what to throw in there.


\"A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.”
Year 8 Day 23 8:51
Rogren Delcor
Rogren Delcor
You should probably bring that up on the Hapan member forums, under bug reports; someone should be able to fix it in a short amount of time.

Maybe "No mention of CMG's" should be a requirement for the next faction checks, if it isn't already.

Year 8 Day 29 4:04
It isn't - and that would also at least double the time a faction check takes. But feel free to mention it to the faction webmaster and I am sure they will correct it when they have a moment.



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