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Archives » On the subject of RM and mass
Year 8 Day 21 18:48
I'd just like to get everything clear in my head with this. Raw materials, .. there is a list of them and their volume-to-mass ratio. Got it. Now, in the facility section there is the amout needed to build a facility, but no units. Or, are they units? Rudic 100; I know this mean 100 units of Rudic. Now, Is that 100 meters cubed of rudic, and so with the ratio factor; 200 tons? Am I getting that right? The building 'needs' are in units, which are meters cubed needed? I guess I could try to load it, but .... it has been almost a year since I've loaded anything, and do not have the access right now to loading material. I am prep'ing a spreadsheet for transportation of city materials, but without the 'play' in game.



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Year 8 Day 21 21:42
Zao, look at it like this: When you view a pile of materials, it will tell you how many units are in that pile. This is the same value as used for facility construction. If you need 100 Rudic, then load yourself a pile of 100 units of Rudic.

Now, 1 unit is the same as 1 metre cubed, but the above way is much easier to use to keep things straight.

If you need 100, load 100.

So for your spreadsheet (and I made a similar one myself the other day) multiply all the volumes you need for your facilities by the weights of the relevant materials, and that will give you the total weight you'll need to haul.


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Ok, thats what I needed to know. 1 unit = 1 meter cubed. Thanks!



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