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Year 8 Day 21 23:43
Wohak Eshecak
Wohak Eshecak
I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post I haven't done this before. (At least I don't think I have...)

About a month ago I spent a considerable amount of money at Newegg.com and I still haven't been given any CP for it.

I did the same thing today, so I figured if I did something wrong the last time I spent money there I should ask so I can make sure I get the points before I miss my chance. I should have gotten about 15200 last month, however if it is not possible to receive the points for last month I'll understand. (However it is in convenient.)

Basically what I am asking is there anything I need to do, to get my points counted on this months purchase.

Thanks in advanced. Sorry if this is the wrong place or if this sounds a little noobish I haven't really posted on the forums before, I've always been a little reluctant.

Wohak Eshecak

Year 8 Day 22 1:31
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
The issue was most likely the e-mail address you used at that site. It has to be the same address as the one you use for Starwars Combine. I had the same problem once. Veynom (our Sim Master) was able to track down the order for me and reward me accordingly. If that isn't the problem, though, I don't know what to say.

Year 8 Day 22 11:26
Wohak Eshecak
Wohak Eshecak
I'm using the same e-mail address. How can I get a hold of Veynom? Maybe he can help me track down my orders.

Year 8 Day 22 11:38



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Year 8 Day 22 11:43
Wohak Eshecak
Wohak Eshecak