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Year 8 Day 22 18:14

Corsair Truden

the above name is a name i chose from YOUR name generator yet my application to join this game was declined because my name didnt fit the name requirements. well if that name doesnt fit then your name generator doesnt work right.

Year 8 Day 22 19:11
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
The first Name Corsair could have been the problem. All new Accounts must be approved by hand and that might have been the cause. And yes, the random name generator can come up with names that wont be accepted. But it works just fine. Thats why its called Random. I would suggest thinking of a new name and trying to Register again.

Edited By: Trent Hackworth on Year 8 Day 22 19:14
Year 8 Day 22 20:26

yeah i already tried again. we'll see if this one works.

Year 8 Day 22 20:40
All accounts are accepted by hand, so you probably just fell foul of someone being a little overzzealous that day. I don't see why "Corsair" wouldn't be acceptable, really. I mean I know it's actually a word, but it's used as a name as well not-infrequently.

Worse names have slipped through, for sure.


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Year 8 Day 22 22:04
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
Corsair could likally be considered a title also. And as for worse names the worst ever was Bob T. Builder...

Year 8 Day 24 6:31
Like mine. See the signiture? I'm a Corsair.
- Corsair Jaret Byar -


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Year 8 Day 24 8:47
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
lol. Yep. I've heard it as a name a few times but i don't think it should be allowed.

Year 8 Day 29 4:09
That handle would most likely have been accepted, had it been subject to manual approval. Did you receive an e-mail in which it was rejected, or did it simply inform you immediately after submitting the form that the handle was invalid?

If the second is the case, then this is a known issue at the moment, since there are some issues lately with valid handles being rejected. The fastest option would be to just submit some other handles instead until you find one that works, until this can be resolved.

If you did indeed receive an e-mail, that means someone manually rejected the application. You can try again and hope you get someone who approves it, or, as mentioned, try another handle entirely.