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Year 6 Day 170 19:57
Crean Holtor
Crean Holtor
I'm not shure if this is the apropriate place to ask, but might as well give it a shot:

Will the combine be recieving new ships for ROTS soon? I wasn't here when Ep I and II came out, so I have no idea what the time period is like in which SWC gets new ships from movies. The CIS crusiers and Venator SD seem like the best additions IMO.

Year 6 Day 170 22:51
its being discussed among admins and rulesteam which ships and if ships from episode III should be added. So its very possible that new ships will come.


Year 6 Day 171 0:22
and our time period is some time between ANH and ESB.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 172 23:17
Renga Sailon
Renga Sailon
Yeah, but seeing as we have several other ships from prequels, I think we should get ships from this prequel as well...

Year 6 Day 173 3:57
most of the existing prequel ships will be going to the CP exchange and won't have datacards.


Kids these days!