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Archives » Passanger capacity on starship with vehicle
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
If a freighter has a passanger capacity X, but cargo capacity for a vehicle that may contain Y passangers, is it possible to have the X passangers on board ship, and Y passangers on board, but in the vehicle, where X+Y exceed the passanger limit?

Bascially, is it possible to us a vehicle to exceed the nominal passanger capacity of a freighter?

Thanks in advance.


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Wes Reed
Wes Reed
Kuro, I have been wondering this myself, but I highly dought it, The ship would be too heavy to take off. Say you had a Koro-2, with 2 passengers in it, It would be slightly heavier than it would be if it had no one in it. So my guess is no, but I may be wrong.

Yes, Kuro, you can do that. In fact, they recently had to fix a bug whereby you could fill a ship to capacity, then dock a vehicle on it and kick people out of the vehicle, thereby exceeding the capacity of the ship.

The weight of a ship/vehicle/item appears to allow for the theoretical weight of the contents. A trunk weighs the same whether it is empty or full, for instance.


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Wes Reed
Wes Reed
Oh I was wrong, but I learnt something new, thanks Hal.

I used this fact to transport 115 NPCs in a Bulk freighter. The Bulk's capacity is 100(99 NPCs+1 myself) and I put the other 16 of the NPCs in a skiff whose capacity is 17 and put the skiff in the hangar. It worked. I didn't think this was a bug because its possible in RL, the difference being in RL the passegers weight is important while in SWC it is not. I think it should work with Volume capacity too but it doesn't.


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It does work the same with weight and volume capacity, you can have an MSH filled with materials except with room for a bulk and then still dock a fully loaded Bulk into the MSH. The game only takes into account the weight and volume of the entity, not the weight of it's contents as well, which it really should but seems to be too much hassle to change as it's been known for some time.