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Year 8 Day 35 16:22
Christer Havno
Christer Havno
Hello, i have just joined this great site. and im currently on Correlia. i have explored the start building/center. But as i try to exit to the citty the screen goes black. i cant see the map of the city, the rest around is ok. but not the map. i can choose coordinates to go to, but i cant see no map. so i wonder what could be wrong. Please help.

Christer Havno

Year 8 Day 35 16:34
Dayyn Gorvai
Dayyn Gorvai
Welcome to the Combine, Christer. In order to see everything properly you may need to refresh your page when exiting a building. If this doesn't help, then check the bug base for similar problems @ http://www.swcombine.com/technical/problem.php If you do not find a similar problem, then submit an entry and someone should be able to help you.

EDIT: Also be sure to check that you have the latest version for your browser. I have found that Firefox is quite 'Combine-freindly'.

Edited By: Dayyn Gorvai on Year 8 Day 35 16:37
Year 8 Day 35 16:40
Dayyn makes an excellent point about the browser. Display problems seem to be quite common, and difficult to track down, in Internet Explorer. We do recommend Firefox to resolve most of the problems.


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Year 8 Day 36 1:23
Christer Havno
Christer Havno
Thanx m'8s.. will have a look at it!

Year 8 Day 148 13:27
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Year 8 Day 151 19:28