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Year 8 Day 36 18:45
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Not sure if this is the right place. But I tried posting it in the SWC bug finder, but what do you know it wouldn't let me access it. Still waiting on it to send me my password and information.

Anyways... so there is a lvl 5 manager assigned whom is still active, yet when income came and went three times, I received nothing. I went to report it on the SWC Bug Tracker but I can't gain access... I was wondering if there is anything that can be done about this. And how I need to go about fixing it.

Year 8 Day 36 23:02
The manager receives the income. It is the operator's skill that is used. If you set this person as your manager, then you would not have received the money, and that person would have.

However, if that was an error in wording, and they are just set as operator (AND the facility is powered and set open to all), then please be sure to include the IDs of the facilities in question so an admin can investigate this for you. If you receive no response here, you may want to direct this to assistants@swcombine.com, as I am not sure how many admins still drop by here regularly.



Year 8 Day 36 23:21
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Yes, I am sorry that was an error in wording. The person is the operator and I am the manager. All were also powered at the time.

ID #'s:
261278 (Garage)
251262 (SDH)
19725 (SDH)
224923 (Hotel)
16049 (Hotel)
261850 (PR)
257174 (PR)
254038 (PR)
222428 (PR)

I was quite nervous cause I have been away for some time and was expecting a bit of cash to be in the account but only thing there was my salary from my faction.

Year 8 Day 36 23:38
If your account was inactive, then you would not have received income from it either. The manager of the facility must be active at the time facility income runs.



Year 8 Day 37 22:56
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
I don't think I was inactive. I think I checked up on it every so often. If that was the case then, guess I am out of luck on that one.

Year 8 Day 38 1:18
You didn't mention it after Syn pointed it out, but are you sure they're set as Open To All?


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Year 8 Day 38 11:47
Tidus Tia
Tidus Tia
Sorry, but yes sir. They were set to Entry = All. And actually, I checked my schedule of when I stopped checking the Combine while I dealt with school. The first one I more than likely missed because I was inactive, so tough luck there.

But the last two, the ones that ran specially and had the Sim News Post, I was active during because I remember checking back over that time frame to see if I got them running twice. And when it didn't, that is when I started trying the Bug Tracker but it wouldn't let me log in.