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Year 8 Day 36 21:19
Brawn Quixote
Brawn Quixote
I downloaded mIRC ver. 5.91 from the website listed in the IRC guide. The newest version had a tag that stated something about a "trial period", so I opted to download an older version.

The thing downloaded and installed fine, but when I try to connect to the SWC server, the program encounters an error and shuts down. The error message doesn't give a code, and I can't see anything on the text field that gives a hint because of the stinking pop-up, which conveniently wipes the text field when I move it.

What I can see if the Exception code:0xc0000005 at Address: 0x00000000336c6576 in the technical description of the error message.

I am not sure how much good an exception code and memory address can be, but...

To shorten the amount of knuckle head newbie read the rules responses:

YES I did enter the correct info when I added the SWC server to the list. I copied the info straight out of the IRC guide.

I think it is the version of mIRC that is the problem. Can anyone tell me what versions work and where I can find them?

Year 8 Day 36 23:04
Any version will work, provided that version works with your computer. It is also worth noting that the newer versions are free and you never need to pay for them. We have many who use versions later than 6.0 with no trouble.

If mirc is crashing for you entirely, then this is not related to the server; it sounds more likely to be related to the install, and that isn't something we can offer support for. I would recommend uninstalling that version and trying the newest one.



Year 8 Day 37 1:16
What the newer versions do, after the trial period, is bring up a screen that bugs you to register, and won't let you close that for about 10 seconds or so. But then you can use the program as normal.

It's a little annoying, but you do get full functionality.


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Year 8 Day 37 6:05
Brawn Quixote
Brawn Quixote
Thanks Hal and Syn. I'll give it a try.

I downloaded the new version, it seems to be working just fine now. Thanks!

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