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Year 8 Day 38 7:58

a lot has happen today to me... Qui Sen

first i couldn't log in. after multiple trys i went to the bug report forum and told them this. i keep trying until i got a message saying the sever is too busy please try again later, or something like that. so i back out to swcombine.com and tried again. i now got a message saying i was banned... i logged out like it told me to b/c of being on many browers. so i tried again and it didn't work. that is where i'm at now. i was wanting to know why i am banned.

i have IE version 6

Year 8 Day 38 14:00
Due to the way the login system works, a user attempting to log in simultaneously or in quick succession from more than one browser will see the banned screen when they are not in fact banned. Logging out and in generally fixes the problem, but there is currently an issue being dealt with on the bugbase where it's not fixing itself.

All actual bans are listed on the sim news.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 8 Day 38 14:09

ok, so i'm not banned, that makes me feel a lot better. so for right now, its just a log in problem that can hopefully be fixed, thanks for clearing this up.

Year 8 Day 38 14:43

i was able to log in (for my second time) and then i clicked on sim news, which i saw. after that i clicked on faction events, which i didn't see b/c of the i got the i'm banned thing.

Year 8 Day 38 14:46
Have you tried all of the steps in the "Problem: I can't log into SWC!" thread? You probably don't need to try requesting a lost password since you seem to be able to log in with your current one from time to time, but the other steps may work against this problem as well.



Year 8 Day 38 15:32

i can't really do anything with the computer i'm on right now, since its not mine. but yea, the computer is able to accept cookies and i have cleared the temporary and cookies, but not files.

Year 8 Day 38 17:25
idk if it the log in that was fixed or that i'm finally on my own computer, but i am now able to log in and everything seems to be back to normal :) thank you