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Year 8 Day 39 12:08
Lando Bauer
Lando Bauer
Yes, I'm just another stupid and annoying n00b with questions.

1. I'm not sure, but from what it looks like, can you change your species?

2. I though my handle's first name wasn't allowed.

Refer to this:

Handle Change (Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 8 Day 31)

Auron Kun -> Auron Tamerin

The handle was changed upon request of the player because it violated the following rule that was passed since he created the character:

"3. You may not use the name or last name of an existing Star Wars character."

3. How do you make those siggys with the info on them?

Year 8 Day 39 12:34
Ok I will give this a hit

1. I don't know and I really don't think you can.

2. I think they refer to the last name and the full name of a pre existing character. As anyone can have the same first name.

3. You can join a faction to get one, or have someone make one over on the RPG Centre board Commerce.

Hope that answered your questions.


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Year 8 Day 39 13:21
1. Race changes are not allowed.

2. Yes, that rule only refers to your surname, as the Character Creation rule that you pasted states ("name or last name" means "full name or last name").

3. No idea what you mean.

Year 8 Day 40 15:23
Dayyn Gorvai
Dayyn Gorvai
3) Signatures are created by you. Sometimes factions have design templates you can use if you are a member of their faction. Check the Art Department. There are also those who are willing to create signatures for others (including me) for a fair price.

Edited By: Dayyn Gorvai on Year 8 Day 40 15:23
Year 8 Day 40 16:53
Lando Bauer
Lando Bauer
Ah, I see.

Thank you, smurf Picard. :p

Year 8 Day 40 21:42
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
And other's namely myself will create and host a Signature and Avatar for Free though the work wont be as Great or perfect as Mr. Gorvai's would be. :)

Year 8 Day 41 0:02
Damnit, people, what have I told you about whoring yourselves out in the Problem Centre? We have the street corner that is the Classifieds for a reason! Do it again and I'll have to smack your nose with a rolled up forum ban.