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Year 8 Day 41 10:06
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
I've been asking about this within the weapons production community and the usual answer is dead air, so lets try here.

There are a few weapons (NZ-9118 offhand) that have a 50 round capacity. Yet on the items page and checking with different weapon producers there is no 50 round cell available.

Is this an oops?

I find it hard to believe that the answer would be to slap two 25 round cells in the weapon. /me imagines trying to slap .50 cal ammo into a revolver

What gives?

*edit* Hate to be the insistant type but is anyone even looking at this? No one seems to be able to answer this one.

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Year 8 Day 43 9:15
Wes Reed
Wes Reed
Sylis, people have seen this topic, but I think this is a unknown factor.

Year 8 Day 43 9:50
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
No offense but what you think is of little concern to me.

As someone who has to deal with these questions from customers almost daily, 'I don't know' or 'We are looking into it' are perfectly acceptable answers but I kind of need to know what if anything is being done.

Year 8 Day 43 10:53
Jeb`el Ras
Jeb`el Ras
Sylis, someone explained this in #swc-traders the other day ... in a nutshell, it sounded like you could use *any* powercell in any weapon that uses powercells, but any excess charges are lost.
So, slapping a 100 round powercell into a DDC Defender would fully charge the weapon for 10 shots, but you just wasted 90 charges.

So, carrying that out, yes, 2 25 round powercells would fully charge the NZ-9118.

At least that was how it was explained to me. Take it with the proverbial salt grain until you get an official answer.


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` Jeb`el
Moebius (co-founder)

When all its work is done, the lie shall rot; The truth is great, and shall prevail,
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Year 8 Day 43 11:05
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Hmmm I guess that 'could' make sense... duct tape and some spare wiring and poof. Honestly I hope this isn't the case.

/me runs off to load .50 cal ammo in his .38 until further notice.

Year 8 Day 43 16:25
Matt Randomsaber
Matt Randomsaber
I would tend to think that, just like in real life, you could slap a 100 round magazine into it.

Example = You own an AK-47, you have the issued 5/10 round mag it came with, but you purchase a 30/50 round banana clip for it. Way more than it could technically hold, but it still works.

I mean come on, they make a 100+ round mag for an AR-15 (the dual drum ones), so why couldn't it be possible?

I too have be in contact w/ppl for an answer to this, and was told that there is currently no datacard for the cell, but since the rules haven't been finalized, that it was possibly being worked on????



Year 8 Day 44 0:58
Jeb`el Ras
Jeb`el Ras
[02:23] Keir|Away: Why do I not see the type of ammunition each gun takes?
[02:24] Jeb`el_Ras: because you aren't looking close enough?
[02:24] Keir|Away: Ammo: 25
[02:24] Keir|Away: ah.aha
[02:25] Jeb`el_Ras: although even when you do see the ammo, it doesn;t specify what type .. so there are some that are ambiguous
[02:25] *** Raiden has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).
[02:26] Jeb`el_Ras: is the Brayar rifle 20 round powercell? or 20 round slug? for example
[02:26] JackTLadd: Damage Type: Energy
[02:27] Jeb`el_Ras: how about the NZ9118? or the K43?
[02:29] Coleman: i think only 2 weapons use the slug rounds
[02:29] Karl_Kun: Galmart rox!
[02:29] JackTLadd: (Link: http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/weapons/detailF.php?id=269)http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/weapons/details.php?id=269
[02:30] Karl_Kun: just thought I would point that out
[02:30] JackTLadd: (Link: http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/weapons/details.php?id=270)http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/weapons/details.php?id=270
[02:30] JackTLadd: both energy =/
[02:31] Jeb`el_Ras: so .. you break a 100 round power cell in half? tape two 25 round powercells together?
[02:31] Coleman: XD
[02:31] * Luke_Starsoarer invisions AK mags duct-taped together
[02:31] Jeb`el_Ras: BTW, thanks for clarifying that about the damage type ... none of the weapons factions knew :p
[02:32] Jeb`el_Ras: at least nobody that I asked
[02:32] JackTLadd: lol
[02:32] JackTLadd: with regards energy cells you full it up with a cell then dump it
[02:32] JackTLadd: any wasted are lost
[02:33] JackTLadd: so you can charge it with 2 25's or waste half of a 100
[02:33] Keir|Away: So a (Link: http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/weapons/details.php?id=193)http://rules.swcombine.com/technology/weapons/details.php?id=193 takes 3 100-cells to fire once?
[02:34] JackTLadd: no
[02:34] Jeb`el_Ras: Keir, look at the G40
[02:34] JackTLadd: takes 3 100s to fill the "magazine"
[02:35] Keir|Away: How many times can it fire, once the magazine's full?
[02:35] JackTLadd: 300 times?
[02:35] Coleman: lol
[02:36] * JackTLadd shrugs
[02:36] Keir|Away: But couldn't you then just load a 25 in, and get 25 shots out of it?
[02:36] Keir|Away: That'd be nice
[02:36] JackTLadd: yep
[02:36] Keir|Away: good, good
[02:36] *** Henry_Malum has signed off IRC (Quit: [20:51] Whoops, Jesfa ran off with the snowman!).
[02:36] JackTLadd: just don't cry when it goes *click*
[02:36] JackTLadd: or whatever energy weapons do
[02:37] Keir|Away: But if I load a 100-cell into my blaster, after 30 shots the cell is dead?
[02:37] JackTLadd: aye
[02:37] Keir|Away: kk
[02:37] JackTLadd: capacitor overspill?
[02:37] JackTLadd: with slugs its odd
[02:37] * JackTLadd shrugs
[02:43] Jeb`el_Ras: given fire delays, you may as well just stock up on 10round PCs then
[02:44] Raiden: nah
[02:44] Raiden: sabers!
[02:44] Keir|Away: Given that my ELGs have 7 round magazines, and we don't have 7-cell power packs
[02:44] Jeb`el_Ras: sabres rock


' ' ',
` Jeb`el
Moebius (co-founder)

When all its work is done, the lie shall rot; The truth is great, and shall prevail,
When none cares whether it prevail or not. - Coventry Patmore