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Year 8 Day 41 14:29
*Much growling, howling and grunting*

My character starting location does not offer my faction's do I start there?
Also, if you could direct me to someone who could adjust my char. pic. to match my description, I would greatly appreciate it!


A wookiee roars loudly at you...
[Translation Begins]
Aaarrrggh! Stop talking to me! I'm fixing it as fast as I can!
[Translation Ended]
Year 8 Day 41 14:49
To start in a faction HQ, the faction you are in must have the HQ facility assigned to the faction. If they do not, there is nothing you can do about it, and chances are they don't want people starting there. Just select your race starting location instead, and they will be able to pick you up.

If you are looking for a new avatar and don't want to find or make one yourself, I would recommend the Artwork section of the classifieds or the public Art forum on the Message Centre. If you have IRC, you might also poke around in #swc-traders. In most cases you can expect players to ask for some compensation, although you might find someone willing to do it for free.