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Year 8 Day 42 14:28
Wes Reed
Wes Reed
I belive the rules say that all characters must have capital letters at the start of each word, e.g. Wes Reed
But I have seen a user with no capitals, widge mcquilkan, are there anymore who dont have capital letters at the start of each name of their full name, then why? I know there is probably another place for this, or someone let him, but I would like to now why he has gotten away with it.

Year 8 Day 42 14:53
Dayyn Gorvai
Dayyn Gorvai
You are correct; it is the first rule in the list of rules for handles. Sometimes characters names are accepted by the system and mistakes have occurred in the past. It's up to the Admins to correct this and depending on the circumstance sometimes users can request to change their name completely.

Year 8 Day 42 17:33
Accounts created before the rules were made are grandfathered in, meaning they do not have to change their handles.

Also before when you died and got to create a new character it was not monitored by the admins, it is now.

The system currently will not allow characters without capital letters.



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Year 8 Day 42 17:36
Aside from mistakes, there are two primary reasons for the existence of illegal handles:

The most prominent is that the handle rules were only introduced a few years ago (2-3, as I recall). Many players were around prior to then and as such are not obligated to change their handles; the rule was not applied retroactively.

The other reason is that, up until maybe half a year ago, players who died did not need their next character's handle to be re-approved upon their next character creation. They could enter any handle and it would be automatically accepted. This has since changed, but many players are still around today who took advantage of that oversight.