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Year 8 Day 47 16:04
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
I just lost the picture to one of my custom NPCs. It is a problem that the pictures can no longer be changed to any we like, but when I just now altered the description of my NPC it took the picture away as well and I can't get it back.

Is there a way I don't know of to get the picture back the way it was? I am most unhappy about this, as it was a picture that I liked a lot and the reason I bought the custom NPC in the first place.

Year 8 Day 47 23:46
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
I hadn't noticed that before. And I must say rather lame. This business with custom NPCs should be addressed. Why would anyone want to buy a custom NPC when the race is random (like regular NPCs) and you can only choose from the stock images (like regular NPCs).

My hopeful side says it's probably being worked on.

Year 8 Day 48 0:35
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
I hope so. I have been holding my tongue when it comes to the changes with custom NPCs (mainly because my customs already had their images). Now I have lost the image and can't get it back, and I am quite upset. :(

Year 8 Day 48 12:26
Dayyn Gorvai
Dayyn Gorvai
All the more reason I have decided not to purchase custom NPCs at this point in time.