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Year 8 Day 48 10:17

are you total morons? This game has the potential to be absolutely massive, but with regards to your 'no free emails' policy its just pathetic, why not limit to 1 account through the IP address? Some of us cant use our work email address or domain for this so this game isnt free to us, star wars freak.

Year 8 Day 48 11:12
No Need to go calling people Morons now is there??? I am sure there is a complex reason behind the whole paid email thing i qm not a computer guy so i wouldnt know ...

Year 8 Day 48 12:13
IP addresses aren't that hard to fake. Limiting e-mail accounts is another level of security to keep people from cheating, especially on such a long term game such as this. Any security measure installed is going to be have to be weighed against the inconvience it causes to have implemented. The game designers obviously felt that the added inconvenience was worth the increased security in this case.

If you really don't have access to acceptable e-mail account, borrow one for a friend. Once you sign-up, you really don't have to use the e-mail afterwards.


Move along, nothing to see here landwalker.
Year 8 Day 48 12:32
Limiting accounts to one per IP address doesn't work. A large part of our player base still uses dialup, thus gets a different IP every time they connect to the internet, often they get one that was previously used by another player. Additionally, many ISPs (e.g. AOL) assign the same IP to several users at once, which would also cause a problem with this. Last but not least it is rather easy to use a different email address by connecting through proxy servers.

Since most (if not all) ISPs provide their customers with at least one email address (which can be used to sign up), it is the easiest and best way for us to enforce this rule. If people are too lazy to either create that email address (or one from their personal domain) or retrieve the password for it, then it honestly is their own tough luck.

Even if you don't have access to one of those addresses yourself, you can always borrow one from a friend or relative to sign up. Once logged in you will be able to enter a free contact address which will be used afterwards if there is need to contact you.

Final statement: This rule won't be changed in the near future, so either you take a little bit of effort into this, or you don't and probably wouldn't even last very long in this game.


Year 8 Day 48 13:00
Sylis Farani
Sylis Farani
Well sheesh isn't it clear that it is preventing the absolute best possible players from joining.


Year 8 Day 48 20:39
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
LOL. The best players always find a way in :)


Year 8 Day 49 10:23
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
LOL. if you hadn't been so rude and called us morons i know several people IRL who don't play SWC and would be more then happy to help out.