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Year 8 Day 48 13:45
Wes Reed
Wes Reed
I just purchased 2 NPC Residents, I went to talk to one It says this, instead of a script:
no script available for this npc.

If this is a custom NPC you need to write a script, you can do this here. If it's not a custom NPC report this to the bug base

Why is this? and how do I change the text?

Year 8 Day 48 14:08
Because a large number of new NPCs were introduced at once, and no scripts have been created for them.

You can't change the text because they are not custom NPCs.


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Year 8 Day 48 14:12
Wes Reed
Wes Reed
So they are stuck with no scripts?

Year 8 Day 48 19:11
Roaking Fs
Roaking Fs
Scripts were made at one point by me, but it appears that they were never used.