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Year 8 Day 51 13:58
My questions

1. Why was I banned from the Suggestion Forum?

2. Why have I never been warned of personal behaviour by any of the moderators who have banned me (syn and Hal) (the only warning I have received was from Teniel Djo concerning my signature months ago)?

3. Why is this game advertised publicly if the admin consists of players (ie why advertise this game at all publicly if it is clearly an exclusive name)?

4. Why besmearch the Star Wars franchise with a shabby run, undemocratic game, whose community is effectively determined by mob-rule (you have no code of conduct from the forum - I have broken no discernable rule you have created)?

5. Why will Hal, or Willhelm (and several other players) who will post here insulting me, and accusing me of rather ludicrous things, not be cautioned or reprimanded for their harrassment of another player? Yet, I will probably be banned from the forum simply for asking these questions.


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Year 8 Day 51 14:23
Adam Zad
Adam Zad
Because you are continually rude and contrary to virtually everyone, and you make the game less fun for people who are forced to put up with you.


Year 8 Day 51 14:24
Deleted Post
Deleted by Togan Jano. Reason: spam
Year 8 Day 51 14:26
1) Probably because you're a troll

2) I've seen you warned dozens of times, including by Hal and Syn.

3) What the hell?

4) Why besmirch the name of Star Wars with a Holiday Special, an animated "Droids Adventure Hour", comics with a Killer RoboLeia-2000, or a book with Zonoma Sekot?

5) Wilhelm and Hal can both be assholes, yes, but that is largely overlooked because overall they are considered to be a "net gain" for the game, they bring more to the game than they take away. Is it fair, maybe not. Is it life, yup. To quote FDR, "He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch".


Year 8 Day 51 18:22
Hey, I liked that droids cartoon!

Anyway, you were banned for dragging the thread off topic repeatedly after you were told to drop certain subjects, and the topic had been focused on discussion of certain aspects needed to progress the suggestion. You were banned - and nobody else was - because you did so several times in that thread. A number of others were warned after you were banned because they chose to continue the off-topic discussion, and if they keep it up, I won't hesitate to ban them as well. Wilhelm von Ismay included.

You enter threads for no reason other than to pick a fight. Hell, this thread exists for little reason other than for you to pick a fight. It tells you the name of the person who banned you from a forum for a reason. Every person who has posted here asking why they were banned has been told the same thing - take it up with the Moderator who did it. Posting here does nothing more than open you to attacks and a thread that's no more than a massive argument. No doubt that's what you want.

Your ban is a temporary one, and I'll probably lift it in a few days to a week, when I remember and feel like it. However if you continue to disrupt threads, I won't hesitate to re-ban you permanently. And since you complain you haven't gotten any, you may consider that an official warning.

Now I request that the next person with the power to do so close this thread before it devolves into nothing more than the flamewar it so desperately wants to be.


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