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Year 6 Day 174 13:06
Alenius Roder
Alenius Roder
I don't understand what to do. First I'm waiting for a reply to join a faction. That's taking forever. Then I'm stuck in Mos Eisley. How do I leave Tatooine or get a local job, or, when I have enough credits, buy ships? I don't understand the interface really...

Year 6 Day 174 13:47
First I'm waiting for a reply to join a faction.  

Remember that it takes a real person to accept you into the group. Also, please make sure you're joining properly. Darkness messaging someone isn't really joining (I've known some newbs to do this).

Then I'm stuck in Mos Eisley. How do I leave Tatooine 

Either hire a transport group to move you or ask your faction when you're accepted. Most factions do try to "rescue" their members.

or get a local job, 

Local jobs aren't added to the game. You're only able to work for other players/factions.

when I have enough credits, buy ships 

Go to the RPG Centre link for the traders areas, the #SWC-Traders room on IRC, or swc-gm.com


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Year 6 Day 174 18:00
Alenius Roder
Alenius Roder
Thank you. How often do the developers update the game?

Year 6 Day 174 18:21
The game is under constant development, and important developments are listed on the SimNews. Just today for example, they released the ability to create custom images for your ships and vehicles.


Year 6 Day 174 18:22
Alenius Roder
Alenius Roder
Ok. So you can't really do anything until you join a faction?

Year 6 Day 174 18:43
Right now you can walk around your city, and talk to NPCs on the surface; once you join a faction they'll dispatch somebody to pick you up and bring you to a ship you can then fly.


Year 6 Day 174 18:47
Alenius Roder
Alenius Roder
Is talking to NPC's important? Because I have absolutely no idea how to do that...

Year 6 Day 174 22:27
Assuming you have set your location and are currently in a city, certain people should appear on your map; if you walk over to them and then hit "Scanner" and then hit "Hail" beside their name, they will talk to you...often giving you hints or details about the game.


Year 6 Day 175 0:31
No, it's not really *important*, it's just helpful, especially if you're new. Most important thing to do, however, is to join a faction as soon as you find something that appeals to you. This game is not designed for freelancers, and it's very hard for them to get started, so it helps to receive a salary, assigned ship, and meet some new people.



Year 6 Day 175 3:16

Ok, first of all Syn, absolutely love the pic. Second of all, how do I tell NPC's/AI's from people?

Year 6 Day 175 10:50
Thank you. (:

Tutorial NPCs will always show up yellow. Those are the most informative to talk to. I believe that other NPCs and people both just display by alignment color, where green = friendly, red = not friendly, blue = mix of both (er.. hope I got those right; I'm currently unable to scan, but it shows you a key).

Anyhow, hailing people in game doesn't really accomplish anything since few people will actually be online at the time or even paying attention, and if you're at a starting location there's a very good chance you're hailing someone who's inactive. (: Communication with other players is mainly done through regular means like IRC, ICQ, e-mail, and forums to coordinate.