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Year 8 Day 52 14:49
Wes Reed
Wes Reed
I made a post on the Galaxy Suggestions thread, like 1 hour later it was gone, so I am assuming it has been deleted. I want to know why. I am not looking for a fight or anything, just a reason.

Edited By: Wes Reed on Year 8 Day 52 14:50
Year 8 Day 52 16:05
Well, I can't speak for the Moderator there, but if I ever delete a topic out of hand in the Suggestions forum, it's because someone blatanly ignored the rules and applied absolutely no thought to their post.

Of course there's always the remote chance of a DB/server glitch erasing it.


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Year 8 Day 52 17:03
It was moved to the descriptions forum, for it is description related.



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Year 8 Day 53 4:42
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Of course, he can't read the descriptions sub if he's not on the team..

Year 8 Day 53 9:26
Wes Reed
Wes Reed
Precicely, so how am I going to know what's going on in it and Will I get a reward if it is accepted?

Year 8 Day 53 9:26
Deleted Post
Wes Reed
Deleted by Wes Reed. Reason: Posted same thing twice