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Year 8 Day 61 10:34

Hi again! My char name was Dorak Quinn and I played SWCOMBINE, but I left and now I want to go back and play again, but i tryed my previus em@ail ( and it didnt gave me registration(it gave me befoure)... I tryed to register in but i cant cuz it allways say password must be secured...Pls help me :(

Year 8 Day 61 12:54
there is no character using the handle of Dorak Quinn, so your account probarbly only reached lvl 1 and was inactive for longer then 6 months thus it was removed.


Year 8 Day 61 21:08
Inactivity deletion happens after 9 months. If you think you were inactive for longer than that and never leveled, just register a new account. I'm not sure what you mean by "password must be secured" .. if you are receiving an error message, please paste the exact error and link to the page on which you are receiving it.

Year 8 Day 62 4:20

Hmm so my account is deleted?I stoped playing cuz Hapes was booring and there was no shooting and killing and i coudnt jump to hyperspace cuz my Hetrinar Assault Bobmer havent got hyperdrive :( so it was booring all the time and I think I will joint Rebel Alliance and mb i will get lucky and board A-wing this time.But problem is my em@ail :( befoure it accepted em@ails and now it cant :( dunno why...Realy want to get back to swcombine

Year 8 Day 62 4:59
When you join, please don't murder the English language
And try using your ISP Email, or get someone who doesn't play the combine to lend you theirs


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Year 8 Day 62 13:10

"ISP Email"?You mean some Email from school or work...well problem is there is no such things in Bulgaria...

Year 8 Day 62 14:50
Dorak Quin
Dorak Quin
WellI tryed to remember password and It seems i have forgoten it and I retrieve a new password and got my handle back.Its good to be back...

PS Sorry for all trouble.

Year 8 Day 65 5:06

Aaam baned?Why?Mb cuz I loged in from another computer???

Year 8 Day 65 5:54
No, you're not banned. There have been troubles with the login script, as is explained on the Sim News. Please make sure to check there before making a post here.


Year 8 Day 65 5:59

Well that figures...I coudnt check the Sim News cuz It says I was banned bla bla.10x for showing me /respect !

Year 8 Day 65 17:19
Actually, you can check the Sim News while logged out. It does not require being logged in..