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Archives » i'm new like to noe some info
Year 6 Day 176 2:28

is this a game..? do we have to pay to play....? y must need to register with a payable e-mail...pls tell me i would like to noe

Year 6 Day 176 4:11
yes this is a starwars sim/rpg game.

No, its completely free.

Yes, you need a email account you somehow pay for, or a school email. This to avoid people from registering multiaccounts. Or rather one of the ways to avoid multiaccounts.


Year 6 Day 177 10:15

But what if we dont have a nonfree email? I dont. I tried to register using holomail just to see if it worked, but you know it didnt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-Andarien Valdamir

Year 6 Day 177 10:52
Of course holomail didn't work - it's a free e-mail address. (:

ISP, school, work, and private domain e-mail addresses are accepted. Most internet service providers offer e-mail accounts to their users, so you should have access to that if not to any of the others.

If for some reason you don't, you're welcome to borrow an ISP mail from a friend or family member, or just have them forward you the password, since you only need to use that e-mail address once. After you've got an account you can log in and change your e-mail address to a free one which will be used for subsequent communication.



Year 6 Day 178 9:10

Thanks for that info. I didnt know I could change it to a free one after wards. I got a domain email, and I am hoping to get the password email and stuff today. I cant wait to rp! But thx again for that info.


Year 6 Day 178 9:17

Lol I got the email. But this is what it says: Dear Andarien Valdamir,

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing
the following reason :

Your e-mail address was not accepted because it is originating from a free
e-mail supplier. E-mail addresses from domains such as @hotmail.com or
@yahoo.com or any other free e-mail provider are not permitted. Please use your
e-mail address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider. Please refer
to the Character Creation rules page located at
http://rules.swcombine.com/character/charactercreation/ for more information.
Now I must use my isp provider email. But I dont know the password to it :( lol. Thats not good... lol


Year 6 Day 178 10:08
to use a personal domain email address, you'll have to use either the admin@ or the webmaster@ address.


Year 6 Day 178 10:57

Oh... No Wonder! Grrr. Lol. Hey is that Chekov from Star Trek? That is so awesome :D But Spock is kooler! lol Thx for the info!


Year 6 Day 178 11:31

Lol I wonder who started this thread? BTW Im using a family member's isp email. It should work Thanks for all the info.


Year 6 Day 178 11:55
Yeah, you should be opening your own thread instead of posting in other people's. /:



Year 6 Day 178 12:21

Strange... It wont let me log in. It just returns to the main page. weird


Year 6 Day 178 12:28

Whenever I try to log in it always brings up this url:

Any suggestions?

Year 6 Day 178 12:32
actually, it's not Checkov from Star Trek, but Alfred Bester from Babylon 5 (it is the same actor, but his B5 role is so much better ...)

to help with your problem: handle and password are case sensitive (since you already tried logging in, i assume you already received your confirmation email that your account is activated). If that doesn't work, try deleting all cookies and make sure your browser accepts cookies for this site. If that doesn't help, try using a different browser (i.e. if you're using IE, try Firefox).