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Archives » Leaving the Gand welcome centre.
Raito D`Anthony
Raito D`Anthony
I just started the game, and being a Gand, started in the gand welcome centre.

I explored all the rooms, and then decided to go out, but I couldn't find a way out, and I need some help on how to leave the centre.

You need to hunt down the room with the pattern on it listed in the Room Map Legend as the Exit Room. When you are in that room, you will see an 'Exit' button down at the left side of your travel frame.

When you want to leave the planet, send me a DM. I'll lend you a ship to get up and going.

Sooner or later you'll need to get your own, or have one assigned by a faction, but maybe you'll find flying a ship a little more interesting than walking around on the surface.

While you're there, you might want to visit the cathedral, so that Ara may watch over your journey. ;D


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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