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Year 8 Day 71 21:03
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
Ok, I have decided to take up a career of Bounty Hunting. Now, if Im not in a faction, how can I capture someone? Do I have to be a faction leader to arrest, or do I have to be a member and issue a faction warrant arrest? Or any other ways would do fine.

Year 8 Day 71 22:51
If you are not in a faction at all, you cannot Arrest/Execute anyone, but you could try to trap someone on your ship if you're clever, and deliver them to whoever placed the bounty. You just couldn't do anything else to them.

To actually A/E, you need to be in a faction and have privileges, and there needs to be a warrant out on that person (issued by you or someone else with privs).



Year 8 Day 72 1:06
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
A tip: read the arrest/execute rules page.

Year 8 Day 72 7:35
Tuskus Troguna
Tuskus Troguna
Alright thanks.

Year 8 Day 73 13:37
Now as a freelancer with no arrest privelages I know I can hire a professional bounty hunter or contact anyone in the commerce threads that deal in bounties, however.

I was wondering if there is a more inexepensive way for me to arrest someone who has wronged me businesswise. Nothing has happened to me atm I'm just thinking ahead for a time this ever does happen. What is the reasoning to not allow freelancers to A/E?


Year 8 Day 73 13:55
If Freelancers could a/e, there would be no point to Bounty Hunter factions, or any other paramilitary one for that matter.


Year 8 Day 73 23:54
The only alternative would be for you to trap the individual on board your ship and take him to a bounty hunter yourself.