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Archives » Question on inactive accounts and DMs
I have got a question on inactive accounts and DMs that are sent to them.

In you account settings you can chose that DMs are also sent via e-mail to your OOC address. Does that also apply to inactive accounts?

Reason why I ask: Once upon a time, it was decided that I had to step back as faction leader and someone else was made leader. But that person (although being a veteran by ages of being in the Combine) got inactive the day after. And I became leader again.

I was curious about that guy and kept him in the faction so that I was aware if he loggs in again. But that never happened.

Now I thought that was just a trick by someone else. And he put his SECOND character in that position (maybe even to ruin the faction as inactive leaders lead to faction dissolution ?)

So... if my thought are true, that would be against spying rules, multi rules etc.

Are DMs (sent to an inactive account) forwarded to his OOC e-mail account?

Long question, but I had to be sure.
Thank you for your answers.


If the player has that setting enabled, it applies to them regardless of their activity rating.

I'm not sure I understand what you feel might be against the rules, or how the DM issue relates, but you spoke of this individual having a second character, which would violate the multi rules.



Thanks for your reply, Syn.

I found it mysterious that a 3-years-old account gets inactive right after being placed as leader. So it was my thought that that account was the "backup" of an active person.
Certainly I have no prove for my feelings.


If you want me to look into it, just mail the handle in question to multi-accounts@swcombine.com



Mail sent.

Thank you.