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Archives » NPCs, manning two buildings (mods & Forums too)
Ven Ann
Ven Ann

I was told to post my questions here from another forum, so here they are. If my new topic gets locked again, then I'm sick and tired of the stupid locking thing when topics are polite and correct.

Why is it that you cannot choose the race, name and sex of custom npcs when it is stated in the rules (well, that's what I was told, didn't waste my money to find out.):

"...Custom NPCs can represent anyone you wish, such as:

* Guards, bridge officers, deck officers, etc
* Barman in your tavern, secretary in your office, anyone working for you or your group
* Your wife, husband, brother, sister, mistress, friend, or enemy
* Any Joe Bloggs you want to see or want other players to see"

I want to make a human Alderaan male character, with certain specific skills for long term (if not forever) IC purpose.

I can understand for skills, although I don't see why you can't choose their skills to fit the background you have made for your one or two custom npc(s) you have made for IC purpose which could not fill jobs by other npcs like workers, etc. I want to be able to make my own npc from top to bottom, skills not being mandatory but would be nice if we could make them too, skills' points would look like the current npcs with the same rules but you make it the way you see him.

But for name, race and the rest, it's lame that you can't modify such thing... what's the point of choosing sex if you can't choose race? or Name? I know the npc system is still under construction, but it would be nice if a CUSTOM npc would be worth the money you put into it, now, it's not worth more than half its cost since you can't even customize it to half close to what the above quote says!

I was told that hangars and landing pads did not need true npcs to get its highest efficiency, is that true? So putting a guy moving boxes in those building wont make it more efficient? Would make sense, as well as a mechanic in the landing pad for quick repairs, etc.

this part is optional, I had to decompress, I'm really tired of irritating moderators, I have been correct the last time, but this is the last straw! (I'm still polite though, just totally irritated by the lack of professionalism and respect of the mods here)

Angry Rant about trigger happy for topic locking mods and confusing forums.

If my topic is frozen again, then don't count on me to report bugs, give idea to improve the game, help with the compine's development or post again in those chaotic forums with irritating moderators (not all just a few) who prefer locking than moving topics (if you can't move topics, I think it's time you modernize the forums to something better than this.)

I'm through with dumb moderators who have nothing to do with their lives than ruining the others'. I've made 5 post in the almost 300 days, and only one was not not locked and it was in the white scenario forums (which is much more well built than all the others combined with a general discussion at the top with other necessary forums then as you go down it's more to the purpose of the forums.) area in the general discussions. I mean come on, move the darn topics instead of saying to people "go away, we don't want you to post at all!!" Just say it if you don't want people to post in your forums, this is ridiculous. I repeat again, if you can't move topics, modernize the forums man!

I just needed to write this in the forums otherwise I would have done something really bad or whatever... Since I like the Combine, but not its forums and some of their mods, I wrote this to prevent some stupid bad action so I could decompress without ruining other's fun like some mods here are doing.

(((((((I really find it utterly stupid, irritating, annoying, enraging, waste people's time when they want to help or ask questions, etc when you lock topics all the time, doesn't encourage people to post stuff on the boards (does the opposite actually), and completely ruins the purpose of having a forum.

Okay, topics with vulgarity, yes, topics full of spam, yes, topics gone wild and off topic perhaps, but decent polite well-made ones? that's dumb! Move the darn topic instead of annoying and irritating people with this stupid locking crap please. And if you say you can't move, then change the forums, it sucks if you can't move topics. People locking topics for no good reasons are basically like spammers and vulgar people who make posts. Sorry, but I needed to decompress by writing the truth out. I really find it utterly irritating, it's like they do it on purpose like idiots or something (didn't say they were idiots here) Please can you stop locking topics for no decent reasons, just move the darn topic!!!!!!!!! Again, if you can't move topics Modernize your forums PUH-LEEEEAAASE for god's sake!! or make just one forums page for players, one for tech/programmers, and one for staff for example.))))))

I'll edit my post and remove the rant tomorrow, I just don't feel like it now, just too darn irritated by some moderators who have nothing to do of their lives than irritate people and ruin's one time and fun.

Edited By: Ven Ann on Year 8 Day 90 1:10

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- Kiva Ven'Ann
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Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
Why is it that you cannot choose the race, name and sex of custom npcs when it is stated in the rules (well, that's what I was told, didn't waste my money to find out.):

- Ven Ann

Because someone decided it might be an exploit i believe However it is being discussed again. Its stupid but I kinda understand why.

I was told that hangars and landing pads did not need true npcs to get its highest efficiency, is that true?

- Ven Ann

Yes, you don't need real NPCs. However there is a thread in the suggestion forum on changing this.

And as for the last lock Don't take it personal. Hal is....Well Hal is Hal and deep DEEP down we all love him.

If Hal left inappropriately placed threads open people would continue to respond, you'd reply and the thread would establish an actual discussion. Then when he locked it that discussion will be cut short and when the thread is placed in the correct place everyone would have to refer back to it. You did not need to reply to the thread, Hal told you where it should be posted for the answers you seek. You can't leave threads open in the wrong place for a certain amount of time because otherwise it becomes acceptable to post anything anywhere, also there was no need for him to do so.

And if I remember correctly the boards only allow you to move topics to different boards in the same area, a post in the suggestion forum could be moved to website suggestions but it couldn't be moved into General Questions. The first two are the Message Centre, the second Problem Centre. I assume the reasoning behind that as the boards in each area serve distinctly different purposes and most people understand that the suggestion board is not somewhere to ask questions.


First, as Ral points out, topics can be moved within the same board, but not to one of the others. A post in a forum on the Message Centre cannot be moved to the Problem Centre.

Second, a single topic ranting on a bunch of different subjects doesn't do anybody much good and spirals way out of control very quickly. I'm responding to your moderator issues right now. Other people are going to respond to your NPC issues. Others are going to respond to your facility issues. People are going to respond to those responses, and there's a good chance that very quickly you won't be able to follow a train of thought in here. If you had posted three topics, it would be a lot easier for each of them to stay on topic, stay productive, and stay clear to read. That's why I referenced you to multiple different places in the post to close your last version of this thread.

Third, allowing inappropriate or badly-placed topics to stay open pushes other, useful/productive topics back, and as such they can easily be missed forgotten. As I pointed out - again in the reply before closing your thread - there is a topic addressing your exact concern about NPCs on the Suggestions forum, on the second page of topics. Despite being only a little over a week old, it has already been pushed that far down the forum by other topics. Can you imagine how far down it may be if non-suggestion topics were not discouraged, and closed when they occur, but left open for discussion?

With regards to professionalism and respect, I (personally, and not speaking for any other mod) will do the job that was set for me, following the procedures as I believe them appropriate to enforce the rules in the forums I moderate, without concern for who is posting the topic, or whether they will like my response or not. I am in no way obligated to leave an inappropriate topic open just because the poster asks for it not to be closed - it is inappropriate either way, and requires a response. There is also a high number of people who simply do not bother to read the obviously-labelled guideline threads in any given forum (those ones you see that say "READ FIRST: topic"), and require the moderator to take the time to lock their threads because they didn't take the time to apply thought prior to posting. This can lead to moderators being abrupt, blunt, even rude, when closing threads, to the point where I've been known to not even reply when closing a topic on the restricted list if someone has already pointed out it was restricted.

I do not necessarily disagree with you that the forums are laid out in a haphazard and somewhat confusing manner, which contributes partly to my trying to be as informative as possible in my reply telling you where to post the various different portions of your thread. Of course, you decided to completely ignore me, as moderator, pointing out that the various pieces of your thread needed to go in three different areas, and instead chose to simply repost the entire thing here. Not entirely unexpected, but it does discourage me from trying to be helpful in the future, since it ends up being pointless.


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To answer the question of why the Custom NPCs work the way they do: when the hiring UI was redesigned, it was decided that someone looking to hire people on a particular planet were at the mercy of what people were available to be hired, and could not realistically define the exact characteristics of the hired workers. The way this was implemented was by a random generation of those characteristics when you hired them.

As for facilities, it is correct that currently, NPCs do not have any effect, because the buildings do not do anything for them to affect. When the ability to repair damaged ships is implemented, for example, it is logical to assume that skilled NPCs will make the repair process progress more quickly. It is impossible to say this with any certainty, however, because the rules haven't been written.

If you would like to see some game functionality changed, you would do well to put your thoughts in the Suggestion Forum where, as Hal pointed out in your previous thread, there was already an active thread about the NPC issue. I trust you can see how every player posting their thoughts on every issue in a new thread would result in an unmanageable forum, which is why it is best to keep particular issues and suggestions confined to a single thread. If you have ideas to make the forums and forum moderation better, those should go in the Website Suggestions forum. If you believe a moderator is not doing his or her job appropriately, bring it to the attention of the admins [admin@swcombine.com].


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For convenience, the direct link to the NPC thread is http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=18019&page=0


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.