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Year 8 Day 93 21:42
Davish Procopius
Davish Procopius
Why can't i make a new government??? I want to make one but it won't let me!!!

Year 8 Day 93 22:28
Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth

Creation of a Faction :

At anytime, a player may decide to found a faction. In order to proceed, several conditions have to be necessary filled.

1/ Conditions :

There must be at least 10 active members not belonging to any other faction who will be ready to join the new group.

The faction needs an original name, a vertical banner (468 x 60 pixels), a horizontal banner (60 x 468 pixels), a logo (70 x 70 pixels), a description of at least 150 words, an active leader (logged in last week), a semi-active owner (logged in last month) and a website (each faction you own needs its own set of pages!).

The website needs to contain:

* an IC text (may be fabricated)
* leader or owner
* IC service description
* a description on how to join the faction
* a good and detailed history

A minimum capital is required to create a faction. The required capital depends directly of the faction's type. The capital may be composed of:

* Cash (credits)
* Ships
* Vehicles
* Facilities

The value of the material assets will be determined by their selling price on the market.

The faction's type must be defined at the creation. The possible types follow. Factions get access to the following facilities and stations as their basic entitlement, they do not take the form of datacards and thus cannot be made over, copied or stolen.


Min Capital: 500,000,000

Year 8 Day 94 1:03
You have to create another faction type first. The government type cannot be selected from the start. Your faction may become a government if it fills the following conditions:

* Your faction owns at least 50% of the flats on at least 3 planets.
* Your faction controls at least 1 system.
* The total controlled population of exceeds 100 million inhabitants.
* Your faction has at least 30 active members.
* Your faction must have a capital of at least 500 million credits.
* The faction's owner must own at least 95% of the faction stocks.
* Upgrading to the government status will cost 40,000,000 credits to the faction.

This fee includes the administrative setup and the cost of the status upgrade.

I''m willing to bet you don't have an infintesimal fraction of whats required and even if you did considering starting a government when you clearly know so little about the game would be a really, really bad idea. Aim lower.


Year 8 Day 94 1:03
Steps to create a government:

Make ALOT of money.
Get 10 active people.
Make a non-government faction.
Make ALOT MORE money.
Get 30 active people.
Make a government.

There you go :)

Year 8 Day 94 1:09
Because you touch yourself at night, and the saints cry.