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Archives » Dumb question from a leader of a new faction...
Facility income just came in, we got far less than I was expecting from the number of facilities we have. All are "open to all" and managed by our faction. It looks like we've only recieved income from one facility.

Year 8 Day 902:58 Facility Income 88,459 Facility Income

I was just wondering if I was the only one having trouble. This is the first time the faction has recieved income from facilities, so it could just be that our facilities are earning lame income.

So my questions are:

  • Is facility income working right?
  • Does the facility income report include the total income from each facility, or is it a total from all facilities?
  • if it's a total from all facilities, does it include the "losses" from dud facilities?



Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
Go to http://www.swcombine.com/members/inventory/transactions/fincome.php for more detailed information about your incomes.


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If that doesn't work, just make over all your facilities to Alissma, I'll set them up for income, and let you know if they make money next month. =D


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Don't do it Kayleb, .... me thinks this suggestion may have a sinister intent. ;)



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as far as I know fac income worked as intended, you sure its not crappy planetary stats, crappy trade skill of operator and such?


^ could be. Will ahve to check. I know that one of my facilities makes 30k a month. That means that the other 14 facilities earn less than 20k total. Pretty sure they should be hauling more than that. Last time the Way was up they were pulling 30k each.

the cities could have gone to the dogs though. Will have to check.

Oh and Hal, thanks for the offer.... but nar.


Eli Greenberg
Eli Greenberg
Make sure they have an active operator :)


^ AHA! Thanks. Pretty sure that's my problem.