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Archives » Some questions about Chiss naming and houses.

Hello everyone, sorry to post on a guest account. I usually go by the name of Phoon, which is what I'll want to use as my characters name. There's a small problem though, the character is a Chiss. I suppose that it is my fault for finding out about this later in its time, rather than in the beggining, when you could have a single named character. According to a few sources, chiss names are presented as, for example, Mitth'raw'nuruodo. The base name of that would be Thrawn, who, to my undestanding, doesn't exist on Combine. This leads me to some other questions about the name. Do those houses exist? I understand that you guys started around the ANH timeline, just taking out the main characters, and such. Does this then void the ruling houses of the Chiss, making houses like Cspala and Nuruodo not exist?

I just recently tried to create a character, but before I did so, I went into the IRC help channel to question about the name length, and the houses. I was told that I would indeed have to make a two-part name, but that I could say that I was a part of any house that I wanted. So, I regestered with the name Csalphoo Nuruodo, which would, in Chiss be set to Csalp'hoo'nuruodo, or in Basic, be Phoon. However, the response I got disappointed me, saying I was not allowed to use the last name Nuruodo, as it would be like using Vader, or Skywalker.

So basically, were the people in IRC right? If I am allowed to say I am a part of a certain house in my bio, if they exist, couldn't I have it in my name too? I've noticed it in some other players names, as well as the original Chiss format. This makes me ask why I could not recieve such treatment, even though there is a rule now. I just find it a bit unfair, and I'd like to be realistic with the name.

If none of this is possible, just tell me to make some other character.

You are allowed to say you are in a certain house, but that particular house does not exist in the SWC timeline since those characters did not exist. Therefore it is advised that you create a unique surname and house for your character. Technically there is nothing to stop you from claiming to be in that house anyhow, even though you cannot use the surname; that is simply where the handle rules interfere with RP convention.

The handle rules will not be bent for you, or they would need to be bent for everyone, in which case they might as well be lifted entirely, as I hope you can understand. Players joining after the implementation of those rules are subject to them now.




Well, thank you for the information. I guess I just find it a bit unfair that the rules are being bent right now for the older players, but nobody else. But I guess that is their reward for playing for so long.

Back to the subject of houses. Have the players made any already, as I do not wish to make another house that deals with the same type of responsibilities as another.

The rules are not being bent for anybody and it is not a reward. Rather, it is the concept of "grandfathering," where players who joined under a set of handle rules are required to follow those rules. It would not be fair to force handle changes onto all of those people when they did nothing wrong and followed the rules when they joined. Similarly, should the rules be made even more strict in the future, current players would not be forced to change their handles, either.

As for the issue of houses, although I answered this on IRC I will repeat it here in case others have similar questions in the future. These are just personal RP preferences, and unfortunately very few races have any sort of joint RP community - to my knowledge, the Chiss are not among those. As a result, the only way to find out would be to contact the players listed on the Chiss race rules page to see if they can tell you a bit about their role within the game.



The rules aren't being bent for old players, the rules only apply to new handles upon creation. If a new handle that violates the rule is accepted by mistake the player is allowed to keep it as handle changes aren't forced. Personally I feel that for RP purposes it would be good if certain races could have a single name however whilst that may be done in the future the alteration to the creation system required would be too much unneccesary work at this point in time.

As far as I know there are no Chiss houses, I haven't heard of anyone forming one at least however they could be being quiet about it. I'd assume that a number of Chiss players have chosen a house for themselves.


I don't know what you're talking about Ral, it says in the rules,

Your handle must include a first name and a last name or sound like an alien name.  

This would imply not all races (such as wookiees whom do not has surnames) would be bound to that rule.

Or maybe I'm just interpreting the rules too loosely.

The join script does not allow one-name handles, so that may just refer to alien-sounding 3-name handles. Alternately, it may be a holdover from the last time the possibility of one-name handles was being discussed.



Personally, I wish race was selected on joining as well. That way the script could be changed a bit and a single name handle could be determined to be racially appropriate.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Aye, I have always been in favor of that as well, and don't recall offhand for what reasons it was last shot down. If it wasn't anything entirely impossible it might be worth bringing up again in Suggestions.



Mhu Khlul`hloo
Mhu Khlul`hloo
Phoon, If you're not totally disillusioned drop me a message once you get set-up. We'll see if we can't get the +/- 30 active chiss to get a community going and agree on a rough SWC guideline for chiss houses and phalanxes.