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Year 8 Day 123 7:01
Hanz Lightbringer
Hanz Lightbringer
I'm part of the RA, but when I enter WS I must join this and that to get in... Isit possible to be member of several faction at once?

Hanz Lightbringer
Rebel Alliance

Year 8 Day 123 8:25
Ryu Takarashi
Ryu Takarashi
It is not. Ummm as far as I know WS don't require from people to join specific faction unless this is faction specific WS just for their members.

Year 8 Day 124 3:55
I am not aware of any non-faction specific scenarios with such requirements for participants, and faction scenarios are just private WSs held specifically by and for a faction to promote teamwork and communication and all that. Some scenarios do prefer to reserve spots for members of specific faction types but that isn't terribly common since generally it is left up to players to decide what is reasonable and realistic for their own characters. Most of the time, public scenarios are open to anyone, regardless of affiliation.

Everything else is just roleplaying, so if a WS mentions that you'll need to be working with a specific local government or fighting a specific group, that just pertains to that scenario and does not require any sort of affiliation shift within the Combine itself.



Year 8 Day 124 9:06
I'm assuming he's referring to a Web Service, not a White Scenario.


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Year 8 Day 124 19:29
Tch, be more specific then. D: WS = White Scenario!