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Year 8 Day 124 22:42
Lando Schultz
Lando Schultz
I recently made a donation to the SWC and recieved no CP's for it. About how long does it take to recieve CP's after the initial transaction of my money I did use paypal and I have a reciet if you need proof.

Thank You

Year 8 Day 124 23:01
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
As long as it takes for Veynom to check the account, and deposit the CPs.

Year 8 Day 124 23:25
Lando Schultz
Lando Schultz
oh ok thanks while im here if my lil brother wanted an account can i use my school email address to register him one i mean we are on the same ISP tho so would that be a multi account cause i dont want to get banned

Year 8 Day 124 23:56
He can register with a valid e-mail of yours that is not already in use, but the two of you will need to register as multis and abide by the multi rules (stay in the same faction or one or both freelance). You may not register for him and may never access his account, or vice versa. If he is using your e-mail address to register he also needs to set his own (free) e-mail address in Account Settings after he has logged in for the first time.