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Year 8 Day 129 20:29
i have a few questions about the combine, just out of curiosity

1.) If you are piloting a larger ship, can you leave and enter a ship in the docking bay?

2.) Can you use a smaller ship to ferry cargo from a larger ship to the surface?

3.) If you leave, for example, a speeder, on a planet while you leave in a ship, does the speeder stay there permanently, or can it be stolen?

4.) Can you have more than one ship inside a docking bay of a larger ship?

5.) If you are kicked off of the crew of a ship and your ship is in the docking bay, does the ship get ejected too?

6.) Is it possible to do a ship to ship transfer of cargo or personnel with or without a docking bay?

7.) If you can't attack other players, why do the ships have weapons onboard?

I'll await your answers. (sorry if my questions were newbie)

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Year 8 Day 129 20:33
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Year 8 Day 129 21:07
1) Yes, although it counts as leaving the bigger ship, so it will abort travel.

2) Yes, although in most cases you really can't get much cargo in smaller ships, so there's no real point.

3) It stays there indefinitely, at the moment. Once combat comes in, chances are that control will be able to be "hacked", and it will be possible to steal ships and vehicles. That's some way off, though.

4) You can fit as many ships in a docking bay as the weight or volume of the carrier ship will allow. So if it has 100T weight capacity, you can put 1 ship of 100T in, or 2 of 50T each, or 3 of 33T or 10 of 10T. Or any combination of ships, vehicles, raw materials, items, deactivated droids, etc. Chances are you'll hit one limit and have plenty of the other left, but that's life.

5) No, it won't. The ship can be kicked off using the appropriate command as well, but it does not occur automatically. Likewise, your ship could be kicked off and you kept on. For example, someone might want to keep your ship in their docking bay until they can hack it. Or they might want to deprive you of a way to escape and keep you captive. Be careful who you trust.

6) Personnel, definitely. Cargo... I'm pretty sure you can with Raw Materials. But I think ships and vehicles you can't. You have to unload ships and vehicles and then load them separately onto the other ship. Of course, vehocles can't be unloaded in space.
I don't believe it's possible to transfer cargo to/from ships in your docking bay, but you can transfer characters.

7) You can't attack other people because combat has not been programmed yet. The Combine is in development, which means that new features, updates, and bug fixes occur on a regular basis. This is great because your ideas and opinions can help shape the game, but it also means that cool things like ship modifications and combat aren't included yet. The Admin want to ensure that the rest of the basic game is complete and included before combat is introduced, so that's why we're still waiting for it. Stick around long enough, and one day those weapons will have a purpose.
Don't believe those people who tell you combat is a myth - it'll happen... someday!

8) The edit button should show up below your avatar, over on the left hand side.


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Year 8 Day 129 21:31
wow... #5... thats evil

anyways, thanks for the answers. i just wanted some basic ?'s answered before i bought anything or planned a strategy

Year 8 Day 130 0:28
Before you buy anything, make sure and read the threads in the Trader's Lounge. The quick version, though, is this: Use a reputable middle-person in ALL trades.

Oh, and the other piece of random advice I'll offer you is to join a faction. Factions are great for helping you get started, especially as it can be tough to make it as a freelancer. Don't rush the decision - take a look at the different groups out there, decide what you want to do, and choose based on more than just the paycheck.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 130 11:42
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Technically,#1 can be done without aborting travel.You may enter a ship in a docking bay..however,if you enter that ship`s COCKPIT(any other ship or vehicle cockpit for that matter)travel will abort.1 cockpit at a time, so to speak


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Year 8 Day 130 14:26
No, it's just entering the ship. It checks your location to one level, so if you board a ship or vehicle inside another one, you no longer count as being on the bigger ship. I tested it when they first brought it in.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 130 22:13
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Aye.You are correct..of course ^_^


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?