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Year 8 Day 129 21:29
Brawn Quixote
Brawn Quixote
I am on Tatooine hiring NPCs, some of which are pilots, and I have somehow hired a Tuskan Raider Freighter Pilot. I thought that Tuskans were unable to pilot any ships. If so, then my money is lost and I have a worthless NPC (more so than usual). Live and learn I guess. Just thought I'd bring it to someone's attention.

Year 8 Day 130 0:30
I thought there was a restriction on hiring races with a restriction on a job type?

I'd suggest filing a bug report for it. It definitely shouldn't be doing that.


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Year 8 Day 130 8:30
Brawn Quixote
Brawn Quixote
Right, I have filed a bug base report on it. Anyone who reads this should just be aware of the potential problem with hiring NPCs. I'd hate to see anyone else lose their credits.