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Archives » Calculation of Planet Income
Year 8 Day 131 7:32
So I see these things listed under each planet:

Tax level: 5%
Planet income: 1,041,419 credits
Tax income: 52,071 credits

I was wondering what relationship these figures had with the actual income that planet made as a whole, each facility? The answer is easy for anyone who owns an entire planet and everything in it, … but for little people like me, .. not so easy to answer. Is 52,071 5% of all income on the planet? If so, that’s just the Planet Income. If that’s the answer, well, then could someone just confirm that for me?



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Year 8 Day 131 7:51
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
The planet income is the total amount of income the facilities on the planet make, the tax income is the tax percentage of that income.
Note that this has nothing to do with the facility income figures that players get.

Year 8 Day 131 9:28
When you say ‘nothing to do with’, … there is no mathematic relationship? My reasoning is for scanning city plans. Is there no way to figure what a city makes, if it is the only one on the planet, using those numbers?



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Year 8 Day 131 9:49
No, there isn't. You need to know the ER, crime, and a few hidden values that are entirely unknown.


Year 8 Day 131 10:53
hmmm. after reviewing the new updated rules sheets (much better format), I can see the very slightl relationship. But, you're right, not really a constant or relationship by any reasonable stretch.

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Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.