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Year 8 Day 134 6:09
Getting a message when I try to log onto IRC that the connectioon is refused and then the connection is closed. Is there a problem with IRC or is the problem on my end?

Year 8 Day 134 6:17
I have the same problem. So I guess the problem is not on your end ;)

Year 8 Day 134 6:22
I've been facing this problem, as have there of my fellow faction members.

Unfortunately...I thought it was a problem in my end, and I ended up re-installing twice before realizing what was happening. I fear I have made the problem worse.


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Year 8 Day 134 6:23
Arcco Mecor
Arcco Mecor
Yeah I'm getting the same thing here, connection refused. I think something happened to the server.

Year 8 Day 134 7:44
Fixed, that was very fast, ty :)

Year 8 Day 134 14:39
In the future you can contact selatos@swcombine.com or syn@swcombine.com and one of us will be able to bring it back up if we're online at the time.



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