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Year 8 Day 135 18:51
Saysh Elevy
Saysh Elevy
i just joined a faction and chose my starting location as their hq, but now i kinda can't get out of it and get my ship...

Year 8 Day 135 19:06
Are you receiving any errors? Otherwise this doesn't sound like it is a bug. You just need to find the entrance room, where you will have a button to click to exit the facility. You will find a room legend on your position page that shows you what the room should look like.



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Year 8 Day 135 19:14
Saysh Elevy
Saysh Elevy
i received no errors, ive just been looking alot and couldn't find the entrance so i figured you had to find some exit button or something, thanks

Year 8 Day 135 19:18
Deleted Post
Saysh Elevy
Deleted by Ranma. Reason: Me posting as the player, oops.
Year 8 Day 135 19:20
I walked your character to the entrance room, now you can leave the building by clicking exit.



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