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Year 8 Day 154 6:33
Meisam Amiry
Meisam Amiry
after playing in swc for some time (about 1 hour)it say you dont have access to this site
what is the meaning of this?

Year 8 Day 154 6:51
Where exactly on the site do you get that message?

Some areas of the website are restricted to administrators, moderators, team members or people with certain faction privileges, maybe that's the cause of it? After all, you were able to post on the forums while being logged in.


Year 8 Day 154 10:13
He was likely trying to mess around with SWC around the time of the backup. Sometimes SWC becomes a warning file with the title "Forbidden" when that happens.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 154 15:02
Meisam Amiry
Meisam Amiry
every where is forbiden
what was wrong ?
and what i can do to prevent this?

Edited By: Meisam Amiry on Year 8 Day 154 15:04
Year 8 Day 154 23:24
If what Wilhelm von Ismay says is true, and this happened around the time of the daily backup, there is nothing you can do about it but wait it out. Everyone gets the same error at that time, but once the backup completes everything works as normal again. Shouldn't last more than about 10 minutes.



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