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Year 8 Day 156 11:41
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Well, i was thinking about preparing a contingency plan for when i mess up and die (for example, fall into someone's trap and be arrested)

My draft consists on assigning some of my possessions to someone, if i where to die he could hand them over to my new character under the explanation of it being a will.

The questions are as follows:
1) Is this frowned upon?
2) Is this against the rules?
3) If it is, could you point me towards where does it say so. I looked for it but couldn't find it.

Thanks for your time and patience.

Year 8 Day 156 12:20
Ryu Takarashi
Ryu Takarashi
It is not allowed, against ze rules and not pointed anywhere in ze rules. IIRC there was a sim news bout it while ago.

Year 8 Day 156 12:28
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
Old and new characters and their assets (Posted by Tyr DeMeer on Year 7 Day 269)
There has been alot of rumours in the past about people making over assets to others while they themself recreate or do something else which might result in the death of their char. Then once they have died and recreated the assets are sent back.

I just want to make it clear that this is not allowed. If any situation like this is detected both parties will be punished, either by ban or loss of assets. This goes for all involved parties.

- Simnews

Year 8 Day 156 12:37
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Alas, i can't.

Now, why isn't that somewhere more obvious? or at least more viewable. I mean, it is not only against the rules, but also banworthy.

Not only that, but it is a rule which i find to be uncommon and not part of common sense.

I could have breached a rule had i not consulted here! I shall go suggest this to be added to the rules.

Year 8 Day 159 6:26

Dunno this game, but it appears pretty obvious to me. Basically you are roleplaying a character, and this character could not posibly know another character you have not yet made.
Just like you would not go and give a friend half your money, so that he can give them to a random guy after your death.

Year 8 Day 160 14:25
Personally I planned to take the route I usually take. (That is, when my character dies, assume the role of one of my children. Thus, legally acquiring all the char's former possessions :P) But then that simnews was released... :|.

Year 8 Day 160 14:30
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes

Year 8 Day 161 17:49
I think that if you go with a bank and deposit money in the acount you could put who you want to recieve the funds. I think that might be ok. Not sure though.


Year 8 Day 161 17:55
Not if it is your subsequent character who does not exist at the time you send money to the banking faction.