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Year 8 Day 157 10:54
I went away on vacation for a couple of weeks. The ship I was piloting was unassigned and now I have no way of knowing where I am in space, (I was doing some scouting and forgot my coordinates). Any help someone can give me as to get out of this situation?

Year 8 Day 157 12:01
Fri Fodd
Fri Fodd
Eh, tried to travel somewhere? When you enter cockpit your current coordinates ought to show up...

(EDIT after Togan Jano's post)
Oh, right. Will try to understand what I'm reading next time.

Edited By: Fri Fodd on Year 8 Day 157 20:53
Year 8 Day 157 12:22
Fri, he said he was unassigned ... meaning he can't access the cockpit screen anymore.

Scur, have you tried contacting the owner of the ship (i.e. the person who unassigned it from you)?


Year 8 Day 157 14:30
I am not sure. It belonged to the Rebe Alliance, but it may have gotten that changed when they merged to form the New Republic.

Year 8 Day 157 14:44
You should be able to contact the NR or the RA and either group will be able to help you out. Generally the admins do not interfere until you've had no luck working it out IC first.



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Year 8 Day 158 18:32
k thanks a lot.